House Hunting – Keeping An Open Mind

As you guys have just seen in my new Weekly Vlog, this week we went house hunting!! This was the first time I’ve ever done this – I’ve never looked around houses or show homes before. I was so excited about the thought of it all! As most would, I scoured the internet looking at areas we’d like to live. Then I found the new housing developers’ websites. I looked through every house available doing 360 degree tours, flicking through pictures, looking at the floor plans, imagining living there. I had in my mind the exact perfect home. We found a perfect area too – away from the town where I grew up but not too far away so that my family could still visit. So I went into the weekend with these pre-conceived views that the internet gave me only to find when I was there in person the area and home I originally had in my mind COMPLETELY changed!!! Of course it’s important to do your research when house hunting but what I found too is it’s so important to not set your heart on these things and to make sure you go there in person. It’s important to keep an open mind.

We arrived in the area that I had thought was going to be perfect, close to the city centre for our jobs and a drive away from home to see family. But. We hated it. The area was rough and not at all what the pictures had portrayed. I don’t mean to sound pretentious but it’s so important to feel safe in your home town and area and we instantly didn’t feel that way. We quickly got back in the car, relieved that the town was fading into the background.

I’d set my heart on that town and feeling a little disappointed we had to rethink matters. The next day we looked around an area closer to home. What a relief, we absolutely loved it. We’d looked here prior and seen the houses’ floor plans on the internet. There was one particular style of home that I KNEW would be the perfect home. Guess what. Yet again we went in and didn’t like it! It was nice but not what we had thought it was going to be. The rooms were very small and very square, there wasn’t much character. We went into a style of show home that we originally dismissed online because it showed a bedroom in an attic. When you think of a bedroom in an attic you think it’s going to be small with low ceilings. We walking into that show home and LOVED IT. As you can see from our reactions in the video! I couldn’t wait so show my parents, I felt proud showing it off even though it wasn’t even mine! Definitely my favourite so far.

All in all I have learnt not to have ANY pre-conceptions now as we continue our hunt for houses. We still have a long way to go. Although the house with the attic bedroom is my favourite so far, these houses aren’t getting built for a long time so we still have lots to think about and decide. Plus it’s so easy to fall in love with a show home – they’ve been made up so beautifully! I just thought I’d share with you my experience of what I thought I wanted being turned completely upside down and inside out. I urge anyone looking to buy houses in the future to go into this process with an open mind. That way you never know what you will find :).


29 Things to Achieve When I Turn 29


As some of you know this Thursday I turn 29! I’ll be 29 on the 29th! Which I think is really cool :D. (Well cool that it’s the same number, not cool that I turn 29 yet feel 21!)

Below is a list of 29 things I’d like to achieve this year at the age of 29. I thought it’d be nice to look back over it next year and see how much of it I’ve managed to check off! I always say that the two years I spent living in Florida were the best years of my life but I want to actively make this an incredible year too. Going into the next year with this frame of mind and positivity will hopefully mean the year I turn 29 will be the best one yet.

I got back from Florida a few weeks ago and I have my whole life now to build from scratch. I couldn’t be more excited and I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride!

I’ve split this list up into categories:


  1. Work out where we’d like to live
  2. Start looking around possible houses
  3. Put down a deposit on our new home
  4. A big sort out and clear out of all our stuff
  5. Move into new home
  6. Decorate and furnish new home


  1. Apply for jobs
  2. Job interviews
  3. Get dream job
  4. Train up in new job
  5. Succeed in new job

Free Time

  1. Join gym in new area
  2. Regular swimming and gym sessions. Start any classes they offer (e.g yoga or aerobics)
  3. Read more
  4. Keep doing weekly vlogs
  5. Finally finish my CRP year’s worth of Disney vlogs! (Currently up to last July!)
  6. Reach 5000 subscribers (currently on 4444 which I already cannot believe!)
  7. Keep up a blog


  1. Cornwall
  2. Center Parcs
  3. Florida
  4. A Disney Park I’ve never been to before (or at least book it)
  5. Lake District for anniversary
  6. Disneyland Paris at Christmas


  1. Take 3 or 4 refresher driving lessons (it’s been 10 years!)
  2. Buy a car
  3. Become house-proud by cleaning and cooking (I was going to end that sentence with ‘more’ but let’s be honest I don’t do either right now!)
  4. Collect every single Disney Blu-Ray
  5. Always stay positive and say ‘yes’ even if it scares/worries me

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Why hello there you beautiful people. My Weekly Vlog where I talked about this new blog went live last night and a load of you came over here to take a look. THANK YOU!!! I cannot thank you all enough for watching my videos, commenting and subscribing. It means so much to me that you are interested in little old me haha. I am loving vlogging my day to day life at the moment. So yes thank you for coming over to here to say hello too. I plan to write a load of Disney blogs. Whether it’s reviews, updates or new trip announcements – everything!

While typing this, I am sitting staring at my phone waiting for an important phone call. It’s the phone call I’ve been waiting for now for over two whole weeks. It was 2 weeks ago that I went for an interview, actually 15 days ago and I still haven’t heard the result. I received an email yesterday saying they are going to call today with an update. So it looks like today is going to be spent sitting, waiting and wishing (cue Jack Johnson). I’m nervous to hear but it’s been so long now I just want to know!! If it’s good then perfect, if it’s bad then at least I can move on and carry on with the job hunt.

So many thoughts are going through my head though, why am I not hearing anything? At least that means it’s not an immediate no…but it’s not an immediate yes either. Maybe they are waiting to hear from others or maybe there’s another interview? Maybe the person in charge of this is off or maybe they liked me but not for the original role or original place? So so sooo many questions which will all be put at rest as soon as I receive this one little phone call. By the end of today, I will know the outcome. That’s scary!

Job-hunting is a very long process, it takes time. I applied for a job at a university yesterday. It took literally all day. There were 17 questions each wanting 200-500 word answers. It’s further education so of course it requires more than just chucking a CV their way but still…very time-consuming. Let’s just hope something comes from this and is worth all the effort.

Although I have done so many exciting things, travelling the world with jobs – my CV is a little flaky as I have been here, there and everywhere. I’ve been a bit from job to job but I am now looking for a job where I’ll be in it for life. In the past I’ve always just thought “oh this job will do until my next Disney adventure”. I can’t be like that this time, we’re looking to settle down and I can’t have a job that ‘will do’ I want to enjoy it. I know a job is a job and you’re not ‘meant’ to enjoy it. But what’s the point in waking up in the morning and dreading going to work? Somewhere you will be spending most of your life. I want to wake up and look forward to what the day holds. So finding that perfect job who also accepts you is a tough one. Wish me luck.

Hello and Welcome to Blog Post #1

As some of you know, I have just returned from living and working for one whole year at Walt Disney World. I represented the UK at the Rose & Crown in Epcot. I am very fortunate to say that it was actually my second year of doing it! My first year was July 2012 – August 2013 (one month extension) and my second year was February 2017 – February 2018. These two years spent living in America were the two best years of my life. I have been visiting America since the age of 2 so I just have America and Disney in my DNA. If there is ever any mention of the USA or of Disney I stop everything I am doing to listen. Simon once joked that if he starts and ends his sentences with Country Music, will I listen to him?

During my first program I kept up a blog on Tumblr. My second program I vlogged. I actually love both and although I kept a private diary of everything I did on my second program, I am sad I didn’t keep up a blog. So that is what I’m starting now. I’d like to start this blog discussing all my experiences I’ve had working at Disney but not just that, also life updates and general musings. I hope you enjoy it and if you ever have any questions or would like me to talk about something specifically, just let me know :D.