Hello and Welcome to Blog Post #1

As some of you know, I have just returned from living and working for one whole year at Walt Disney World. I represented the UK at the Rose & Crown in Epcot. I am very fortunate to say that it was actually my second year of doing it! My first year was July 2012 – August 2013 (one month extension) and my second year was February 2017 – February 2018. These two years spent living in America were the two best years of my life. I have been visiting America since the age of 2 so I just have America and Disney in my DNA. If there is ever any mention of the USA or of Disney I stop everything I am doing to listen. Simon once joked that if he starts and ends his sentences with Country Music, will I listen to him?

During my first program I kept up a blog on Tumblr. My second program I vlogged. I actually love both and although I kept a private diary of everything I did on my second program, I am sad I didn’t keep up a blog. So that is what I’m starting now. I’d like to start this blog discussing all my experiences I’ve had working at Disney but not just that, also life updates and general musings. I hope you enjoy it and if you ever have any questions or would like me to talk about something specifically, just let me know :D.



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Hi guys, welcome to aclaireytale!! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it!!!

12 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome to Blog Post #1”

  1. Hi Claire…Am I really the first comment? Well hoop de doo and bibbity bobbity boo lol…I know I already said it a thousand times but I just love you and Simon…I absolutely adore watching your vlogs….Did you guys get hit with that winter storm? Hope you guys stay dry and warm….Have a great day and keep vlogging/blogging cause I love it

      1. hahaha nooooo…I live in CA….I know you have alot of subscribers to your vlogs and don’t remember everybody but I’m the one who told you I wish I had known about you before you went to Disneyland because I know it like I know the back of my hand….although there are places in CA where we do get snow…its not here where I live lol…I only asked because the media was saying it was going to be a huge storm over there and I wondered if it hit you….

  2. Just watched your latest weekly vlog so heading over to say hello! Loved your Disney CRP vlogs and started watching you just as you were starting your program.

    Really pleased that your doing your weekly vlogs as I love your happy smiley attitude to life and i’m enjoying your weekly blog content – your trip to Chester reminded me of when I visited with my first husband (sadly no longer with us) when we had a break from some treatment he was getting at Clatterbridge oncology centre and my daughter who was about 2 and we bought her first Disney toy an Eeyore for Valentine’s Day! And your trip to York reminded me of visiting last August 9th on my birthday with my daughter (now 11) and my current husband (remarried in April 2016) and some friends. Both beautiful cities!

    Keep up ththe good work 🙂

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