29 Things to Achieve When I Turn 29


As some of you know this Thursday I turn 29! I’ll be 29 on the 29th! Which I think is really cool :D. (Well cool that it’s the same number, not cool that I turn 29 yet feel 21!)

Below is a list of 29 things I’d like to achieve this year at the age of 29. I thought it’d be nice to look back over it next year and see how much of it I’ve managed to check off! I always say that the two years I spent living in Florida were the best years of my life but I want to actively make this an incredible year too. Going into the next year with this frame of mind and positivity will hopefully mean the year I turn 29 will be the best one yet.

I got back from Florida a few weeks ago and I have my whole life now to build from scratch. I couldn’t be more excited and I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride!

I’ve split this list up into categories:


  1. Work out where we’d like to live
  2. Start looking around possible houses
  3. Put down a deposit on our new home
  4. A big sort out and clear out of all our stuff
  5. Move into new home
  6. Decorate and furnish new home


  1. Apply for jobs
  2. Job interviews
  3. Get dream job
  4. Train up in new job
  5. Succeed in new job

Free Time

  1. Join gym in new area
  2. Regular swimming and gym sessions. Start any classes they offer (e.g yoga or aerobics)
  3. Read more
  4. Keep doing weekly vlogs
  5. Finally finish my CRP year’s worth of Disney vlogs! (Currently up to last July!)
  6. Reach 5000 subscribers (currently on 4444 which I already cannot believe!)
  7. Keep up a blog


  1. Cornwall
  2. Center Parcs
  3. Florida
  4. A Disney Park I’ve never been to before (or at least book it)
  5. Lake District for anniversary
  6. Disneyland Paris at Christmas


  1. Take 3 or 4 refresher driving lessons (it’s been 10 years!)
  2. Buy a car
  3. Become house-proud by cleaning and cooking (I was going to end that sentence with ‘more’ but let’s be honest I don’t do either right now!)
  4. Collect every single Disney Blu-Ray
  5. Always stay positive and say ‘yes’ even if it scares/worries me

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Hi guys, welcome to aclaireytale!! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it!!!

2 thoughts on “29 Things to Achieve When I Turn 29”

  1. ah 29…How I wish I could be that age again…Enjoy it love because it goes by quick and before you know it you’re kids are grown and your like what the heck happened lol….You go to FL all the time so come back to CA lol. Hope you have had a great week…can’t wait for Monday 😀

  2. Looks like you have a great list for the next year. And look, before you turned 29 you can mark off “buy a car”.

    I think I should make a list and see how much I can accomplish in the next eight months before my next birthday.

    I hope you are away enjoying some time in the Lake District. Sounds like such a pretty place. Wish we had time to see it on our trip to the UK but not enough time unfortunately.

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