Disney CRP Interview Tips

I get asked a good once or twice a day for interview help – whether it’s for the Disney CRP, Disney Store or DCL. I thought I would write a blog post about it so that I can direct you guys to something a bit meatier than ‘be yourself!’

  • Be Yourself – I know I just said this one but it’s so important to be yourself. Don’t get someone to write your application for you and don’t pretend you’re someone else in your interview. Disney want to hire someone because they see something special, they see a twinkle in your eye. They can sniff out when you’re trying to pretend you are someone else.
  • Look Professional – I get it, you love Disney. Don’t we all? You don’t need to turn up dressed up as a Disney princess to prove it. Subtle Mickey earrings are enough. Wear a suit, have your hair tidy, look smart and presentable. Download ‘The Disney Look’ and show you already comply with that.
  • Be Professional – Now you look professional, it’s important to BE professional. I repeat we ALL love Disney. Don’t sit in your interview saying you love this Disney film or you love that Disney song. Talk about Disney as a company, talk about its morals and its work ethic and why you want to be a part of that.
  • Your Home Town – Not only is it your passion for Disney that they want to see, they want to see your love and passion for your home town. You are going out there to represent your home town. You will be a representative of your culture.  Your interviewer wants to see that you are able to talk passionately and confidently about your customs and your town. We get asked 100 times a day what a Sunday roast is, what a Yorkshire pudding is, the history of a Scotch Egg. Learn it all. Find out something quirky and interesting about your hometown, teach your interviewer something new. Then you will become memorable and stick out in their mind.
  • Work Experience – Although it may look it, you’re not just going for a year of jollies and park days every day. You have to work hard. The interviewer will make sure you have a good work ethic, that you will work hard and be part of a team. If you want to work in Food and Beverage, get a job in your local cafe or restaurant so that you can talk about all the customer facing experience you have had. If you want to work in Merchandise, get yourself a job in…oh I don’t know WHSmith or something! They want to see that you can do that job and will love it for a whole year. If you’ve never had any experience before – you’re a flight risk. If the first time you experience a particular role is while you’re away from home and away from your close-knit network, then why would they risk you being unhappy and wanting to fly home? Sometimes they do take risks on you and put you on the waitlist, but wouldn’t you rather know you are perfect for the job and get it straight away?
  • Find your USP – Find your selling point, what makes you unique? Once you find it, practice selling yourself.  Talk to a family member, talk to yourself, talk to your wall, talk to your plush Stitch. You don’t want to sound like a parrot but you also want to sound fluent and controlled with no erms or doubt. If you can’t sell it to yourself, how can you sell it to your interviewer?

We’ve covered what you look like, how you act, your experience, your passions and your unique selling point. I’m not going to say relax you will be fine, I know from personal experience being relaxed is the last thing you’ll feel. But use your nerves for something good instead – your nerves become your adrenaline which will keep you boosted and confident until the very end. Best of luck and if you didn’t get through first time, try again. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, just go again with a new strategy and with a new air of confidence. Maybe you weren’t ready to go that year, maybe it was meant to be the following year. If I had been accepted for my CEP Summer program after graduation, I would never have gone on my first CRP when I did, thereby never meeting my husband, thereby never meeting my best friend. Everything happens for a reason.

I hope this has helped any future CRPers. It truly is the best year of your life. I guarantee you will change, you will grow. Work hard, play hard, be kind and good things will come.

530317_10152993760185548_1626022200_nMy Disney CRP Arrival Group 2012-2013

30443626_10160119482755548_5270531205610078208_nMy Disney CRP Arrival Group 2017-2018

House Decisions

In my last blog I talked about how worried I was about House Decisions. We had a decision to make. The house we wanted that we would have been able to move into in August had sold and the next plot on the development for this particular house wasn’t going to be ready to move into until January. We had a big decision of wasting money on renting while we wait for the house to be complete OR move into a smaller house that we could put an offer in now to move into June/July. Although we had set our hearts on this wonderful house where the bedroom was all on one top floor, we listened to our brains. It just didn’t make sense to waste money on renting, money that could be going into paying off our own house would be going into a landlord’s pocket. We also just didn’t want to prolong buying our house for any longer. So we did it! We have put an offer in for a house!!!

Nothing has gone through yet, nothing is official yet. We haven’t signed a single thing and haven’t given any money at all. So technically we don’t have a house YET. There are so many things you need to do to get a house. These are things no one tells you about. Why is it we never learn about these sorts of things? There should be a class at school where you learn about adult life. Never mind my Home Ec lemon drizzle cake that went terribly wrong, teach us about mortgages!!! So there were several things we needed to sort out JUST to put an offer in. This isn’t to buy a house, this is just to qualify to put an offer in. The main thing is an agreement in principle. The agreement in principle is just proof that we can afford the mortgage. It isn’t the actual mortgage they just need proof of  what the salaries are, what the savings are, price of property, length of mortgage etc. I had to wait a while to get this because my new job hadn’t sent a contract noting my salary. (This was why we lost the house for August). Part of the agreement in principle is to get a credit check too which we had to wait til after the weekend for. After this you have to get information about which Solicitors you are going to use. You don’t need to actually pay for the solicitor yet just just needed to choose which one you want to act for you. We had to send in 2 forms of ID and we had to get a certificate to see if we qualify for Help to Buy. Once all these things are done and the housing developers are happy with it all, then and only then can you put down a registration fee. You have to give a £500 deposit for the housing developer to create your contract. This still doesn’t mean you have the house but it does mean it’s all on hold.

So this is the point we are up to now. We need to provide the £500 to put the house on hold. Once the contracts are all drawn up we can then sign for it. This is what we should be doing this weekend all going well!!! Once we have both signed the contract, the house will be taken off the market. We still have a 2 hour meeting with the mortgage advisor though to get the mortgage itself. So by the weekend we may have our house on hold but we won’t have the mortgage yet!!!

It is such a long and lengthy process and I definitely recommend if anyone is going into this to do it after A LOT of research. This is definitely where I went wrong! I am lucky I had Simon who knows about these things!!! We went to B&Q today and I’m already so excited about decorating and buying items like clocks and ornaments to make our new house a home. I’m looking forward to having a big Ikea shop for bits and pieces like side tables and shelving and drawers. We need to buy beds and sofas and tables and chairs. Lots of things to do and to buy but right now all we are thinking about is getting this house and getting this mortgage approved.


mortgage 3.3

Dream House Blues

In this week’s Weekly Vlog, I mentioned that our dream house had been taken off the website. I was checking the website every day in a hope it would still be there when I receive my work contract. We would have moved in next August so it would have been ideal. Unfortunately because I haven’t got a work contract yet we weren’t able to get the financial backing to secure the deal. I then got a phone call yesterday saying because we are on the waiting list we get priority for the next same style house. They are ready to sell the next phase! Already! But I still don’t have a contract as I don’t start until the end of the month! This phone call was for our house to be ready in December. So since we can’t do that, the next one would be moving in January. It’s April now, January is just too far away. Renting would be a waste of money for all those months and I can’t expect my parents (even though they would) to put both me and Simon up ’til then, it’s a long time.

Something we are thinking about now is going for a smaller, cheaper house than the dream house. One that’s ready to move into in July/August. It’s not the dream house but at least we’d finally have our own house. We were thinking maybe we only stay there a few years and then when the rest of the development is complete we move into a bigger house. This house would be bigger than the Dream one I keep talking about and it would be one we would stay in forever.

Part of me just thinks yes let’s just go for the smaller cheaper one so we can move in ASAP but then I think about that bedroom in our dream home. It’s so hard to know what to do. My head tells me it makes sense to just go for the smaller one but my heart well and truly loves that dream home. Adulting is hard.

New Job (and accidental positivity talk)

As you saw in this week’s Weekly Vlog, I received the amazing news that I’ve got a NEW JOB!!! I’m soooo excited!

3 weeks yesterday until I start so I’m just making the most of not having to be anywhere for any particular time. FUNEMPLOYMENT!! This is time that I know I will be so jealous of having in my years to come. Making the most of being able to eat breakfast in bed, nipping into town when I fancy it, watching some rubbish on TV that I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t have this much time on my hands. This is it now, I’m going to be in a job for life. I’ve spent my life so far jumping from one Disney contract to the next where there was always a bit of down time in between each one. Now this is it, no more down time. Welcome to the adult world Claire. 9-5 every day. But do you know what? I CAN’T WAIT. I think because I have spent my last several years bouncing from one place to another, I actually cannot wait to be in one place. I can’t wait to get my head down, work hard and become the best in my new role that I can be. I’m suddenly going to be so independent, not relying on buses or lifts I will be driving there on my own in a car I worked hard to save up for. I’m going to be working in a job that I worked hard to get, no short cuts, no foot in. I’m scared of all this sudden independence. I got there all by myself and I should be proud of that but I just can’t help feeling a little nervous about this big step and big change in my life. I’m so lucky to have the most supportive husband and parents. They get me through everything.

The first 4 weeks of my job, I will be training. 2 weeks on the shop floor and then 2 weeks in Crawley which is their Headquarters. I’m really looking forward to every moment. I’m very very nervous though too. Your first day in a new job is always nerve-racking isn’t it? It’s the unknown – not knowing what your day will be like, what you do each day, who you will be working with etc. Once the training is over and I get more practice and get used to my new role, the confidence will grow. I’m not a very confident person. Even though I do film myself each week, it doesn’t mean I’m confident. If everybody watching was sitting in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to talk I’d be way too nervous. I definitely seek approval, but I guess doesn’t everyone? I don’t see this as weak. I see it as strong. The more opinions you get off people and the more you listen, the better the person you become.

Anyway this went on a bit, I just wanted to exclaim how excited I am about my new job!!! I also want to thank you all for all your positive vibes in wishing and hoping I get the role I wanted. I am such a firm believer in positivity. If you will these things to happen, they WILL happen. Positivity goes a long way. If you are still reading this, go and give somebody a compliment today – tell them how happy you are for them for doing something they want to do. Even if it’s something you wouldn’t want for yourself, be happy for other people. We all have different goals in life, let’s all be happy for each other and hope we get to where we want to be in life.


Review: Dodd’s Italian Restaurant, Ambleside

Dodd’s is a restaurant I have been visiting most of my life. I have been very fortunate that from about the age of 4 until age 15 my parents owned a flat in the Lake District. Bowness to be exact. It was a lovely little flat that looked out onto the lake. Because of the flat, we visited the Lakes a lot. My parents had friends up there and we’d go on walks with them etc. If we were ever in Ambleside we would always visit Dodd’s. It was very different then, it was actually twice the size! There is now a climbing shop taking up the space that Dodd’s used to take up. It’s smaller but it doesn’t matter, it is still an exceptional restaurant. There is an open kitchen so you can see how fresh everything is. I love it when restaurants have open kitchens – it just proves how proud they are to show off that everything is fresh and that they have nothing to hide. Even though it is smaller now, the quality is still just as good. It does get very busy though so I’d recommend going early. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations either which is a shame so you will never know for sure if you can get in. If there are just two of you I definitely recommend asking to sit in the best two tables in the house, the two window two tops. They are such great tables looking out onto Ambleside, perfect for people watching and not just that, you feel away from everyone else as it’s your own little corner of the restaurant.

I went to this restaurant last week, the day after my birthday. I went with Simon, my Mum and my Dad. We had a marvelous meal. We ordered a cheesy garlic bread for the table and we were so hungry and so looking forward to it that I didn’t even take a picture! We wolfed it down!! It’s honestly one of the best cheesy garlic breads I’ve ever had. After this I ordered a lasagna, as did my Mum (like mother like daughter!). My Dad ordered a Cumbrian pizza and Simon ordered a seafood risotto. Our table was right in the corner of the room so we didn’t feel too close to anyone. It was perfect. We were very very full so couldn’t quite squeeze in dessert (which is very unlike me!!)

I highly recommend this restaurant, do let me know if you go and what you think of it!!

Review: Mad Hatters Tea Room in Chester

On my Birthday last Thursday, we ate at the Mad Hatters Tea Room in Chester. I had been to Chester the week prior and I noticed the place as I was walking past. It was the impressive window displays that caught my eye:

Then through the windows I noticed people with those famous afternoon tea 3 plates stacked on top of each other thing that’s all the rage these days. The plates were full of colourful cakes and sandwiches. That’s when I knew I had to go in and book this place for lunch on my birthday! I opened the door and all I saw was Alice in Wonderland. White rose trees painted red, tea cups on the ceiling, over-sized playing cards, hats, Alice merchandise. You all know that when anything is to do with Disney I am THERE! I absolutely knew this place would be perfect for my birthday.

It’s a very small and narrow little café and because of this it is very busy. So much so that on booking I had to put a deposit down of £5 per person. I didn’t mind as I knew we were definitely going to be there and that we’d have a great time. On booking I mentioned that it was going to be my birthday which I’m so glad I did! The table was decorated in confetti and I even had a candle in my birthday cake.

I also mentioned that I’m a fussy eater. Something I’m also glad that I told them about because they need to know in advance if they need to change anything with the high tea. So you get 4 sandwiches each on the plate: cheese and onion, ham and mustard, cucumber and then an egg sandwich. So for me they kindly changed all 4 of my sandwiches to plain ham and cheese. Something so small and effective too is that they went to the effort of making each sandwich with one piece of brown bread and one piece of white bread.


Although it’s called the Mad Hatters Tea Room, we didn’t actually have any tea! My family and I are not big tea drinkers (unlike Simon!) so unfortunately I can’t review the tea! There was a lot of choice though and it was bottomless teapots which I think is a nice touch! Luckily coffee and hot chocolate is included in the price instead of tea. Our afternoon tea was £16 each and this is everything that was included:


The food was absolutely delicious, desserts especially!! My party ring vanilla cupcake was honestly one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had! I would go back in the future just for the cupcakes!!

All in all it was a very delicious and fun afternoon. The theming made the place so enchanting and I had such a great birthday because of it. (There’s definitely an Alice in Wonderland very merry unbirthday joke there somewhere!) Let me know if you go in and check it out! I’d book in advance though to avoid disappointment!!