Review: Mad Hatters Tea Room in Chester

On my Birthday last Thursday, we ate at the Mad Hatters Tea Room in Chester. I had been to Chester the week prior and I noticed the place as I was walking past. It was the impressive window displays that caught my eye:

Then through the windows I noticed people with those famous afternoon tea 3 plates stacked on top of each other thing that’s all the rage these days. The plates were full of colourful cakes and sandwiches. That’s when I knew I had to go in and book this place for lunch on my birthday! I opened the door and all I saw was Alice in Wonderland. White rose trees painted red, tea cups on the ceiling, over-sized playing cards, hats, Alice merchandise. You all know that when anything is to do with Disney I am THERE! I absolutely knew this place would be perfect for my birthday.

It’s a very small and narrow little café and because of this it is very busy. So much so that on booking I had to put a deposit down of £5 per person. I didn’t mind as I knew we were definitely going to be there and that we’d have a great time. On booking I mentioned that it was going to be my birthday which I’m so glad I did! The table was decorated in confetti and I even had a candle in my birthday cake.

I also mentioned that I’m a fussy eater. Something I’m also glad that I told them about because they need to know in advance if they need to change anything with the high tea. So you get 4 sandwiches each on the plate: cheese and onion, ham and mustard, cucumber and then an egg sandwich. So for me they kindly changed all 4 of my sandwiches to plain ham and cheese. Something so small and effective too is that they went to the effort of making each sandwich with one piece of brown bread and one piece of white bread.


Although it’s called the Mad Hatters Tea Room, we didn’t actually have any tea! My family and I are not big tea drinkers (unlike Simon!) so unfortunately I can’t review the tea! There was a lot of choice though and it was bottomless teapots which I think is a nice touch! Luckily coffee and hot chocolate is included in the price instead of tea. Our afternoon tea was £16 each and this is everything that was included:


The food was absolutely delicious, desserts especially!! My party ring vanilla cupcake was honestly one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had! I would go back in the future just for the cupcakes!!

All in all it was a very delicious and fun afternoon. The theming made the place so enchanting and I had such a great birthday because of it. (There’s definitely an Alice in Wonderland very merry unbirthday joke there somewhere!) Let me know if you go in and check it out! I’d book in advance though to avoid disappointment!!

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4 thoughts on “Review: Mad Hatters Tea Room in Chester”

  1. Im trying to diet over here Claire and you keep posting those delicious treats lol…Picky eater? More like your 4 food groups consist of sugar, candy, cakes, and more sugar hahahahaha….

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