New Job (and accidental positivity talk)

As you saw in this week’s Weekly Vlog, I received the amazing news that I’ve got a NEW JOB!!! I’m soooo excited!

3 weeks yesterday until I start so I’m just making the most of not having to be anywhere for any particular time. FUNEMPLOYMENT!! This is time that I know I will be so jealous of having in my years to come. Making the most of being able to eat breakfast in bed, nipping into town when I fancy it, watching some rubbish on TV that I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t have this much time on my hands. This is it now, I’m going to be in a job for life. I’ve spent my life so far jumping from one Disney contract to the next where there was always a bit of down time in between each one. Now this is it, no more down time. Welcome to the adult world Claire. 9-5 every day. But do you know what? I CAN’T WAIT. I think because I have spent my last several years bouncing from one place to another, I actually cannot wait to be in one place. I can’t wait to get my head down, work hard and become the best in my new role that I can be. I’m suddenly going to be so independent, not relying on buses or lifts I will be driving there on my own in a car I worked hard to save up for. I’m going to be working in a job that I worked hard to get, no short cuts, no foot in. I’m scared of all this sudden independence. I got there all by myself and I should be proud of that but I just can’t help feeling a little nervous about this big step and big change in my life. I’m so lucky to have the most supportive husband and parents. They get me through everything.

The first 4 weeks of my job, I will be training. 2 weeks on the shop floor and then 2 weeks in Crawley which is their Headquarters. I’m really looking forward to every moment. I’m very very nervous though too. Your first day in a new job is always nerve-racking isn’t it? It’s the unknown – not knowing what your day will be like, what you do each day, who you will be working with etc. Once the training is over and I get more practice and get used to my new role, the confidence will grow. I’m not a very confident person. Even though I do film myself each week, it doesn’t mean I’m confident. If everybody watching was sitting in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to talk I’d be way too nervous. I definitely seek approval, but I guess doesn’t everyone? I don’t see this as weak. I see it as strong. The more opinions you get off people and the more you listen, the better the person you become.

Anyway this went on a bit, I just wanted to exclaim how excited I am about my new job!!! I also want to thank you all for all your positive vibes in wishing and hoping I get the role I wanted. I am such a firm believer in positivity. If you will these things to happen, they WILL happen. Positivity goes a long way. If you are still reading this, go and give somebody a compliment today – tell them how happy you are for them for doing something they want to do. Even if it’s something you wouldn’t want for yourself, be happy for other people. We all have different goals in life, let’s all be happy for each other and hope we get to where we want to be in life.


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Hi guys, welcome to aclaireytale!! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it!!!

2 thoughts on “New Job (and accidental positivity talk)”

  1. aww Claire…I want to give you a big hug….its hard to show vulnerability especially to people you don’t know….we kind of feel like we know you because we see you and I actually answer you on some of your vlogs hahahaa….and yes, you do come off as confident but its really nice of you to show you’re just like everyone else…the funny thing is for me I’m the exact opposite…I could blog and in real life Im very outgoing but if I started vlogging I probably would be really insecure and intimidated and it would definitely show…Im really excited for you and your new job and the life of independence you are on your way towards. Relish in the rest of your downtime because soon enough it will be a thing of the past and you won’t get any downtime till you retire hahahaha….

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