Disney CRP Interview Tips

I get asked a good once or twice a day for interview help – whether it’s for the Disney CRP, Disney Store or DCL. I thought I would write a blog post about it so that I can direct you guys to something a bit meatier than ‘be yourself!’

  • Be Yourself – I know I just said this one but it’s so important to be yourself. Don’t get someone to write your application for you and don’t pretend you’re someone else in your interview. Disney want to hire someone because they see something special, they see a twinkle in your eye. They can sniff out when you’re trying to pretend you are someone else.
  • Look Professional – I get it, you love Disney. Don’t we all? You don’t need to turn up dressed up as a Disney princess to prove it. Subtle Mickey earrings are enough. Wear a suit, have your hair tidy, look smart and presentable. Download ‘The Disney Look’ and show you already comply with that.
  • Be Professional – Now you look professional, it’s important to BE professional. I repeat we ALL love Disney. Don’t sit in your interview saying you love this Disney film or you love that Disney song. Talk about Disney as a company, talk about its morals and its work ethic and why you want to be a part of that.
  • Your Home Town – Not only is it your passion for Disney that they want to see, they want to see your love and passion for your home town. You are going out there to represent your home town. You will be a representative of your culture.  Your interviewer wants to see that you are able to talk passionately and confidently about your customs and your town. We get asked 100 times a day what a Sunday roast is, what a Yorkshire pudding is, the history of a Scotch Egg. Learn it all. Find out something quirky and interesting about your hometown, teach your interviewer something new. Then you will become memorable and stick out in their mind.
  • Work Experience – Although it may look it, you’re not just going for a year of jollies and park days every day. You have to work hard. The interviewer will make sure you have a good work ethic, that you will work hard and be part of a team. If you want to work in Food and Beverage, get a job in your local cafe or restaurant so that you can talk about all the customer facing experience you have had. If you want to work in Merchandise, get yourself a job in…oh I don’t know WHSmith or something! They want to see that you can do that job and will love it for a whole year. If you’ve never had any experience before – you’re a flight risk. If the first time you experience a particular role is while you’re away from home and away from your close-knit network, then why would they risk you being unhappy and wanting to fly home? Sometimes they do take risks on you and put you on the waitlist, but wouldn’t you rather know you are perfect for the job and get it straight away?
  • Find your USP – Find your selling point, what makes you unique? Once you find it, practice selling yourself.  Talk to a family member, talk to yourself, talk to your wall, talk to your plush Stitch. You don’t want to sound like a parrot but you also want to sound fluent and controlled with no erms or doubt. If you can’t sell it to yourself, how can you sell it to your interviewer?

We’ve covered what you look like, how you act, your experience, your passions and your unique selling point. I’m not going to say relax you will be fine, I know from personal experience being relaxed is the last thing you’ll feel. But use your nerves for something good instead – your nerves become your adrenaline which will keep you boosted and confident until the very end. Best of luck and if you didn’t get through first time, try again. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, just go again with a new strategy and with a new air of confidence. Maybe you weren’t ready to go that year, maybe it was meant to be the following year. If I had been accepted for my CEP Summer program after graduation, I would never have gone on my first CRP when I did, thereby never meeting my husband, thereby never meeting my best friend. Everything happens for a reason.

I hope this has helped any future CRPers. It truly is the best year of your life. I guarantee you will change, you will grow. Work hard, play hard, be kind and good things will come.

530317_10152993760185548_1626022200_nMy Disney CRP Arrival Group 2012-2013

30443626_10160119482755548_5270531205610078208_nMy Disney CRP Arrival Group 2017-2018

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