Review: Dodd’s Italian Restaurant, Ambleside

Dodd’s is a restaurant I have been visiting most of my life. I have been very fortunate that from about the age of 4 until age 15 my parents owned a flat in the Lake District. Bowness to be exact. It was a lovely little flat that looked out onto the lake. Because of the flat, we visited the Lakes a lot. My parents had friends up there and we’d go on walks with them etc. If we were ever in Ambleside we would always visit Dodd’s. It was very different then, it was actually twice the size! There is now a climbing shop taking up the space that Dodd’s used to take up. It’s smaller but it doesn’t matter, it is still an exceptional restaurant. There is an open kitchen so you can see how fresh everything is. I love it when restaurants have open kitchens – it just proves how proud they are to show off that everything is fresh and that they have nothing to hide. Even though it is smaller now, the quality is still just as good. It does get very busy though so I’d recommend going early. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations either which is a shame so you will never know for sure if you can get in. If there are just two of you I definitely recommend asking to sit in the best two tables in the house, the two window two tops. They are such great tables looking out onto Ambleside, perfect for people watching and not just that, you feel away from everyone else as it’s your own little corner of the restaurant.

I went to this restaurant last week, the day after my birthday. I went with Simon, my Mum and my Dad. We had a marvelous meal. We ordered a cheesy garlic bread for the table and we were so hungry and so looking forward to it that I didn’t even take a picture! We wolfed it down!! It’s honestly one of the best cheesy garlic breads I’ve ever had. After this I ordered a lasagna, as did my Mum (like mother like daughter!). My Dad ordered a Cumbrian pizza and Simon ordered a seafood risotto. Our table was right in the corner of the room so we didn’t feel too close to anyone. It was perfect. We were very very full so couldn’t quite squeeze in dessert (which is very unlike me!!)

I highly recommend this restaurant, do let me know if you go and what you think of it!!