Dream House Blues

In this week’s Weekly Vlog, I mentioned that our dream house had been taken off the website. I was checking the website every day in a hope it would still be there when I receive my work contract. We would have moved in next August so it would have been ideal. Unfortunately because I haven’t got a work contract yet we weren’t able to get the financial backing to secure the deal. I then got a phone call yesterday saying because we are on the waiting list we get priority for the next same style house. They are ready to sell the next phase! Already! But I still don’t have a contract as I don’t start until the end of the month! This phone call was for our house to be ready in December. So since we can’t do that, the next one would be moving in January. It’s April now, January is just too far away. Renting would be a waste of money for all those months and I can’t expect my parents (even though they would) to put both me and Simon up ’til then, it’s a long time.

Something we are thinking about now is going for a smaller, cheaper house than the dream house. One that’s ready to move into in July/August. It’s not the dream house but at least we’d finally have our own house. We were thinking maybe we only stay there a few years and then when the rest of the development is complete we move into a bigger house. This house would be bigger than the Dream one I keep talking about and it would be one we would stay in forever.

Part of me just thinks yes let’s just go for the smaller cheaper one so we can move in ASAP but then I think about that bedroom in our dream home. It’s so hard to know what to do. My head tells me it makes sense to just go for the smaller one but my heart well and truly loves that dream home. Adulting is hard.

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4 thoughts on “Dream House Blues”

  1. Ok Claire listen to me..Im old enough to be your mother so I know what Im saying lol…You and Simon have the luxury of being able to get into a dream house now…most people have to wait YEARS of saving and building up a nest egg to be able to get into one as soon as January…I know you feel like you would be a burden to your parents but keep something in mind…You will be working…Simon will be working….so it’s not like you will be lounging around the house in your pjs all day…You will only see them at night and on weekends so speaking as a mom that would be an ideal situation…it’s a win win for you and Simon AND your parents…I really feel that if you “settle” for a smaller house you will end up regretting that decision….January is really not that far away and once you start working it will go even quicker….and like solved…you said, this will give you time to get nicer furniture… stay with your parents and get the house in Jan…ok? Good problem solved đŸ˜€

    1. Sorry to hear about the situation, realistically getting all the paperwork and finances sorted to buy will take at least around 3-4 months so January is not that far away.

      IMHO for the few months additional wait now, going for a smaller and cheaper place might be more hassle than its worth, putting money in there to make it livable could also set you back getting the house you actually want.

      Best of luck making a decision, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make things work!

    2. Hahah thank you so much Lynn, you’re like my little voice of reason. It’s so so hard to know what to do and I definitely don’t want to settle but I’m just impatient haha

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